How Unified Communications Is Empowering the Digital Nomad Movement So You Can Become a Wandering Worker


Have you ever caught yourself feeling trapped by the confines of the cubicle in your office? Gazing with dissatisfaction at the floor to ceiling beige decor? Wishing beyond all hope that your desk was a little closer to a window? 你不是一个人. 

And while living out of a van or RV was once only practical for Instagram influencers, 远程工作 已经成为主流. Wanderlust is taking over today’s workforce and the number of 数字生活s is growing with the help of 统一通信技术

Let’s get into the details before you rush to sell all your belongings and hit the road in an Airstream. 


把数字游牧民想象成 远程工作者 有旅行癖. 他们是漫游技术爱好者 出差和工作 有互联网连接. 这些“游牧民族”往往受过良好的教育, 技术娴熟,工作要求高, 科技含量高的职业. Relying on mobile devices with wireless internet access, 他们经常使用笔记本电脑, smartphones and mobile hotspots to get the job done. 


While this kind of lifestyle seemed pretty out-of-reach for most of us a few years ago, 它变得很容易接近. With the adoption of remote positions and digital communication platforms, 传统的上班族开始四处奔波.


Even before the pandemic, the move toward 远程工作 and flexible schedules was on an upward swing. COVID-19只是加速了这些趋势, resulting in — you guessed it — a growing number of 数字生活s. MBO的合作伙伴的 2020年国家自主研究学习 发现,10.9 million American workers currently describe themselves as 数字生活s — that’s an increase of 49% 从2019年开始! 


While the 数字生活 community was once dominated by freelancers, 承办商及自雇人士, 现在情况不再是这样了. The movement is now driven by people with more traditional jobs who got a taste of flexibility and 远程工作 during the shutdown. They’ve realized that it’s possible to work from any location with internet access. 

The ability to work from anywhere on any device is almost entirely powered by 统一通信. 让我解释一下. 

Become a Wandering Worker with Unified Communications

You can’t be a 数字生活 without the right technology. 如果你无法连接, communicate and collaborate with coworkers when you’re abroad, 你可以忘记远程工作的特权. Actually, you’re likely to find yourself unemployed after a few days of radio silence. 这就是 统一通信 (或者简称UC)出现了. 

Unified communications is more of a concept than a concrete product. 而是我们如何联系不同的人 沟通与协作功能 变成一个单一、统一的平台. UC工具将包含消息传递, 语音和视频通话, 会议, file sharing and collaboration spaces into a single application that you can download on any mobile device. 



流动性 is the most obvious benefit of 统一通信 for 数字生活s. Because most UC solutions are cloud-based, the platforms are downloadable onto any mobile device. It’s like being able to carry your office along with you wherever you go — whether it’s the coffee shop, 房车或海滩.


Whether you’re working on your phone, laptop or desktop, the user experience is the same every time. With a consistent interface, you can switch between devices so that you never miss a beat. Chats, calls, content and contacts are accessible from any device on the same app.


拥有你的商务电话, chat application and video 会议 tool in a single platform gives you quick access to all your communication and collaboration needs. 团队 can use the device of their choice to connect with each other in real-time, 这意味着他们可以比以往更快地解决问题.


所有的知识工作者, geographic mobility has become a sign of professional freedom. 你可以按照自己的方式工作. 由于加州大学, 移动设备和互联网, you now have the opportunity to work an “office” job while traveling across the globe. 


If you’re looking for a solution that can support a nomadic lifestyle, we can help with that. 不管你是否偏向思科 网讯 或者需要为微软制定一个划算的呼叫计划 团队我们已经帮你搞定了. 

If you’re ready to support a wandering lifestyle and stay productive, 今天给我们打电话


凯蒂Dudlets serves as TelNet’s Marketing Manager and Chief Storyteller. A whiteboard enthusiast and compulsive book collector, she can usually be found expounding on the advantages of corporate storytelling. 不在办公桌前的时候, you’ll probably find her admiring the artistry of a well-crafted taco, 抚摸着狗狗或在圣湖兜风. 克莱尔在水上摩托车上.





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